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Apple Shipped 2.1B Smartphones in the Past Decade, a Billion Less than Samsung

Jastra Kranjec

The world`s two largest smartphone producers, Apple and Samsung, have been battling for their share in the global smartphone market for over a decade. Although both make the highest-quality devices in the market and count their users in billions, Samsung still tops in total smartphone shipments.

According to data presented by CasinosEnLigne.com, Apple shipped over 2.1 billion iPhones in the past decade, almost one billion less than its South Korean competitor, Samsung.

Samsung`s Annual Shipments Dropped by 18% in Ten Years; Apple`s Surged by 46%

Apple`s and Samsung`s corporate battle started thirteen years ago when the South Korean tech giant, once an Apple supplier, released an iPhone-like product through its Galaxy lineup. Since then, the two tech giants have been competing for the title of the world`s largest smartphone vendor, with each holding roughly a 25% market share. Still, the difference between their total shipments in the past decade is huge.

According to Statista and IDC data, between 2013 and 2022, Apple shipped 2.07 billion iPhones worldwide, with 2015 and 2021 as the record years for sales. In the first half of 2023, the US tech giant shipped another 97.7 million of its smartphones, pushing the ten-year iPhone sales to 2.16 billion.

Samsung`s shipment figures are much higher than that. Statistics show the South Korean company shipped 3.08 billion smartphones between Q1 2013 and Q2 2023, or 42% more than Apple. However, the IDC data showed an interesting trend in the annual shipment figures of the two smartphone vendors. Although Samsung leads in total shipments, its annual smartphone shipments have dropped by 18% in the past ten years. In 2022 the company shipped 258.2 million smartphones, down from 316.4 million reported in 2013.

On the other hand, Apple`s shipments surged by 46% in this period, jumping from 153.4 million to 225.3 million.

iPhone Became the Market Leader in 2023

Although Apple lost the race with Samsung in total shipments over the past decade, the StatCounter data show the US tech giant overtook its leading position and became the largest player in the global smartphone market.

As of July, Apple`s iPhone had a 28.33% share in the global mobile vendor market, up from 27.5% in the same month a year ago. On the other hand, Samsung`s market share stood at 24.22% last month, down from 28.17% in July 2022. Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo followed, with 11.21%, 6.06%, and 5.53% market shares in July.

Jastra Kranjec
Jastra Kranjec

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