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Biggest Sport Fines: Which major sports leagues break the rules the most?

Liam Solomon

When it comes to the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, a spot on a major team is a coveted position. Each league has its own set of rules, dedicated to maintaining honor for the sport and respect for the game, its players and its fans. Despite the difficulty of securing a place on a big-name team, players are known for breaking the rules sometimes.

When players break the rules on the pitch, and sometimes off it, it results in fines. Fines can be hefty, to match the lucrative salaries of these all-star players and to enforce player safety and sportsmanship.

Casinos En Ligne rounded up all of the fines issued in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL during the last full season to reveal the highest-fined players, teams and sports.

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The highest fined major sports league in the US & Canada

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 04 HIGHEST FINED SPORTS LEAGUE 1

  1. Major League Baseball | Total value of fines issued: $65.9 million

The sport dishing out the most fines is MLB, with fines totalling up to $65.9 million. The high fine amount was not shared equally among the league’s players during the 2022 season – Trevor Bauer was fined $59.7 million making up 91% of the fine amount.

MLB fines are deducted from player paychecks and given to MLB Charities – a non-profit organization which supports charities including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

  1. National Basketball Association | Total value of fines issued: $35.9 million

In second place, the NBA issued fines totalling up to $35.9 million during the 2021-22 season. Almost half of the fine total can be attributed to Ben Simmons who received a $17.2 million fine.

All fines issued to NBA players are donated to charity, although the Association does not publicize which charities receive donations.

  1. National Football League | Total value of fines issued: $6.9 million

The players of the NFL are no strangers to breaking the rules, with the league ranking in third place as one of the highest-fined in the ‘big four’ leagues. Fines issued during the 2022 season amounted to $6.9 million, with $5 million coming from Deshaun Watson.

NFL fines are donated to charities, including the Player Care Foundation which works to help retired players improve their quality of life, and the Players Assistance Trust.

  1. National Hockey League | Total value of fines issued: $4 million

The National Hockey League is the sport which fined players the least out of the ‘big four’ major professional sports leagues of the US and Canada. Fines during the 2021-22 season amounted to $4 million.

The NHL dedicates all fine money received to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund, supporting retired players.

The most common sports fine reasons

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 05 MOST COMMON FINE NHL

The most common fine in the NFL | Unsportsmanlike Conduct: 38 fines issued

The most common reason for player fines in the NFL 2022 season was ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’, which was the basis cited for 38 fines. ‘Unsportsmanlike conduct’ can refer to taunting, prolonged celebrations, and verbal abuse of officials among other behaviors.

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 06 MOST COMMON FINE NBA

The most common fine in the NBA | Technical Foul: 1,072 fines issued

Of all the grounds cited for NBA fines during the 2021-22 season, ‘technical foul’ was the reason for 1,072. A ‘technical foul’ can refer to any conduct deemed by officials to be detrimental to the game but does not involve any physical contact.

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 07 MOST COMMON FINE NHL

The most common fine in the NHL | Cross-checking: 11 fines issued

Players in the NHL are most likely to be fined for physical contact, with the most common fine reason for the 2021-22 season being ‘cross-checking’. ‘Cross-checking’ occurs when a player checks an opponent by using the shaft of their ice hockey stick and was the reason cited for 11 fines.

The highest fined players in the major professional sports leagues

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 08 HIGHEST NFL PLAYER 1

The highest fined player in the NFL | Deshaun Watson: $5 million

Players in the NFL received collective fines totalling up to almost $7 million during the 2022 season, over two-thirds of which came from Deshaun Watson. The $5 million fine and 11-game suspension were issued to the Quarterback in August last year with the official reason recorded as ‘conduct detrimental to the league’. The fine amount received by Watson was donated by the NFL to agencies that work to prevent sexual assault.

Despite the fine and suspension, Watson signed a $230 million guaranteed five-year contract with his team the Cleveland Browns ahead of the 2023 season.

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 09 HIGHEST NBA PLAYER

The highest fined player in the NBA | Ben Simmons: $17.2 million

The NBA’s highest-fined player last season was Ben Simmons who played for the Philadelphia 76ers. Simmons received 48 fines totalling up to $17.2 million for missing games and practices.

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 10 HIGHEST MLB PLAYER

The highest fined player in MLB | Trevor Bauer: $59.7 million

Trevor Bauer is the highest-fined player in MLB and takes the top spot as the highest-fined player across all of the ‘big four’ major professional sports leagues.

Bauer was fined $59.7 million and issued a 324-game suspension, which was shortened to 194 games. The fine was issued following an accusation of sexual assault/domestic violence being brought against the Dodgers’ pitcher, although no charges were made.

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 11 HIGHEST NHL PLAYER 1

The highest fined player in the NHL | Evander Kane: $1.4 million

The NHL suspended Evander Kane and issued the left-winger with a $1.4 million fine – higher than any other player fine given during the 2021-22 season. Kane’s fine and 21-game suspension came as a result of submitting a fake COVID-19 vaccination card.

The highest-fined sports teams

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 12 HIGHEST NFL TEAM

The highest fined team in the NFL | Cleveland Browns: $5 million

Of all the teams in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns were fined the most during the last full season. While the Browns received six fines during the 2022 season, which is less than half of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 19 fines, 99% of their fine amount came from quarterback Deshaun Watson.

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 13 HIGHEST NBA TEAM

The highest fined team in the NBA | Philadelphia 76ers: $17.3 million

The 76ers were the NBA’s highest fined team during the last full season, for both the number of fines issued and the total fine amount. The Philadelphia 76ers were fined $17.3 million during the 2021-22 season and there were 85 fines received by players in total.

The highest-fined player of the Philadelphia 76ers was Ben Simmons, with fines equating to the value of $17.2 million.

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 14 HIGHEST MLB TEAM

The highest fined team in MLB | Los Angeles Dodgers: $59.7 million

Of all the Major League baseball teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers were the highest fined during the 2022 season. The team was fined $59.7 million, with the total amount coming from just one fine, issued to Trevor Bauer.

CasinosenLigne.com Biggest Sports Fines 15 HIGHEST NHL TEAM

The highest fined team in the NHL | San Jose Sharks: $1.5 million

The San Jose Sharks are no stranger to fines, as the most-fined team in the National Hockey League during the 2021-22 season. The Sharks were fined $1.5 million, of which $1.4 million can be attributed to left wing Evander Kane.


Casinosenlinge.com wanted to reveal the biggest sports fines, including the highest-fined teams and players and the most common fine reasons in the ‘big four’ major professional sports leagues of the US and Canada.

We looked at fines during the last full season for each sports league. We sourced information on the National Football League fines from Spotrac, looking at the 2022 season.

We sourced information on the National Basketball Association fines from Spotrac, looking at the 2021-22 season.

We sourced information on Major League Baseball fines from Spotrac, looking at the 2022 season. Information on the reasons for each fine was unavailable from the source, therefore was not included in our report.

We sourced information on the National Hockey League fines from Spotrac, looking at the 2021-22 season.

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