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Canada TikTok Ban: The social media apps who know MORE about you than TikTok

Liam Solomon

The Social Media Apps that know the most about you, REVEALED.

With the recent news that the Canadian government has banned TikTok on all government phone devices due to potential security risks, Casinos En Ligne wanted to find out which social media apps collect the most personal info and know the most about you… 

📢SPOILER – It’s NOT TikTok.📢

We analysed the app privacy factors for the most popular social media apps, to reveal which apps know the most about you – and highlight the apps the Canadian government might want to weary of!

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Apps that know the MOST about you 👀👀

  • Facebook and Instagram know the MOST about you – collecting 13 data factors 
  • LinkedIn collects MORE data than TikTok
  • TikTok was the third most data-hungry social media app – collecting 11 data factors from users


Other key findings:

  • Skype collects the least amount of data 
  • All social media apps analysed collected contact info, search identifiers and user content
  • Sensitive info collected by Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


Discussing the findings, Liam Solomon of Casinosenligne.com commented; “The Canadian government’s concerns over TikTok’s security threat is understandable, given that the Chinese-owned app collects a significant amount of personal data and information from users. 

However, it looks as though there may be other social media apps hiding in plain sight. Whilst some government employees are unlikely to have Facebook or Instagram apps installed on their work devices, business-networking app LinkedIn flagged up as a particularly data-hungry app – collecting more information than TikTok in fact. 

Apps collecting sensitive information, contacts, browsing history and search history may pose a serious threat to government employees. Perhaps Tredaux will come for LinkedIn next…”

Liam Solomon

Liam est un rédacteur de contenu pour les Casinos En Ligne. Il a 7 ans d'expérience dans la rédaction d'articles sur des sujets d'actualité, notamment le sport et la finance. Liam a une passion pour l'analyse des données sur les tendances et a partagé ses données dans des publications telles que le New York Times, la BBC et des milliers d'autres.