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Cost of Being a Super Fan: Costs you more money to be a John Mayer superfan than any other artist

Liam Solomon

How much do celebrity superfans spend to support their idols?

From sharing posts on social media to buying a concert ticket, we can support our favourite artists in many ways. Having said this, the costs can quickly add up as some artists have been known to charge thousands of dollars for a single meet-and-greet ticket.

Just like casino games, the cost of being a superfan is an investment – but which artists are the most expensive to be a fan of? To understand more, we have delved into some research, from merchandise prices to the average cost of a concert ticket, Casinos En Ligne can reveal which artists are the most expensive to be a fan of.

With an overall score of 7.33 /10, it will cost you more money to be a John Mayer superfan than any other artist

CasinosenLigne.com Cost of Being a Super Fan 04 Top 3 Overall 1

We have combined the following factors in order to reveal which artists are the most expensive to be a fan of overall: the average price of a concert ticket, the average price of their merchandise, number of upcoming events, and the price of a meet and greet ticket.

Top 10 most expensive artists to be a fan of

1. John Mayer – Overall ‘Superfan Cost’ score of 7.33 /10

Taking the title as the most costly artist to be a superfan of, with an overall score of 7.33/10 is John Mayer. Some of the contributing factors to this singer’s position on the ranking include his $1,244 (£1,014 | €1,160) price tag for a meet and greet, and $215 (£175 | €200) average ticket cost to see him live. Whilst we have no doubt that the costs to support John Mayer is worth it, it will set you back a hefty sum of money!

2. The Weeknd – Overall ‘Superfan Cost’ score of 7.16 /10

Just behind John Mayer in the ranking, with an overall superfan cost of 7.16/10, is Canadian singer, The Weeknd. The average price of his merchandise comes in at $41 (£34 | €39), which is less than a lot of the artists on this list. Having said this, it is clear that the Starboy singer is devoted to his fanbase, evident by the 41 upcoming events that he has scheduled in the upcoming months.

3. Bruno Mars – Overall ‘Superfan Cost’ score of 6.81 /10

With a score of 6.81/10, it is Bruno Mars who completes this list of the priciest premiums overall for fan purchases. Despite not being the highest-scoring artist when looking at each individual factor, Bruno Mars is charging a pretty penny across the board for concerts and merchandise.

If you are one of his 58.8 million monthly Spotify listeners, it will set you back an astonishing $2,110 (£1,720 | €1,967) for a single meet-and-greet ticket. If you are interested in seeing the Hawaiian pop singer in concert you may want to start saving now, as his concert tickets cost an average of $341 (£281 | €321).

With an average cost of $783 per ticket, Usher is the most expensive artist to see live

CasinosenLigne.com Cost of Being a Super Fan 05 Ticket price

It is now easier than ever to listen to songs by your favourite music artist, but nothing beats the experience and atmosphere of seeing an act live in concert. Below is a list of the artists that will set you back by the most money if you were to use the secondary ticket market.

Top 10 most costly artists to see live in concert through the secondary ticket market

1. Usher – Average ticket price of $783 (£638 | €730)

After finding fame in the 1990s, Usher has made a name for himself over the years – this has enabled him to embark on four worldwide tours and entertain hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world. Usher’s global success is likely the reason for his premium concert ticket prices, averaging $783 (£638 | €730), which is more costly than any other artist on this list.

Chris Brown’s merchandise has an average cost of $135 – more than any other artist

CasinosenLigne.com Cost of Being a Super Fan 06 Merch

Whether you are looking for some concert memorabilia, or just want to support your favourite artist, there is so much merchandise out there to get your hands on – but which artist will put you out of pocket the most? Here’s what we found.

Most expensive artist merchandise prices

1. Chris Brown – Average Merchandise Price of $135 (£110 | €126)

Averaging $135 for his memorabilia, Chris Brown fans are paying the most money to purchase merchandise on average. Whilst some of the items in his store won’t break the bank, his most expensive piece will set you back an eye-watering $250 (£205 | €234). For this price tag you can get your hands on a Puff Coat customised with a stunning visual from his hit song ‘Warm Embrace’.

At $6,000 per ticket, Lady Gaga charges the most money for a meet and greet

CasinosenLigne.com Cost of Being a Super Fan 07 Meet greet

For most people, meeting their idol is the ultimate dream. Because of this, many would be willing to fork out a large sum of money to have this opportunity – but which artists are charging the most? Here’s what we found.

Artists with the highest meet and greet ticket costs

1. Lady Gaga – $6,000 (£4,890 | €5,594) for a Meet and Greet ticket

Topping the rank as the artist charging the highest premium for a meet and greet is Lady Gaga. Alongside the all-important meet and greet, some of the other perks of this $6,000 (£4,890 | €5,594) package include a ticket at the front of one of her shows, as well as escorted entry into the theatre. This price tag may seem extortionate, but for Little Monster superfans, there is no price too high when it comes to meeting their idol.

Shania Twain has 77 upcoming events – more than any other artist on this list

CasinosenLigne.com Cost of Being a Super Fan 08 Events

Touring the world is one of the most exciting announcements that an artist can make to their fans. Below is a list of the artists who currently have the largest number of events scheduled for this year.

Artists with the most upcoming events

1. Shania Twain – 77 Upcoming Events

Being on the music scene for decades certainly hasn’t slowed Shania Twain down when it comes to performing for her fans as she takes the top spot in this ranking. To accompany the release of her sixth studio album ‘Queen of Me’, Shania Twain will be embarking on the second leg of her tour with the same name. With hits including ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ and ‘You’re Still The One’, you are not going to want to miss her 77 upcoming events!

The Weeknd has more monthly Spotify listeners than any other artist – totalling 110.5 million

CasinosenLigne.com Cost of Being a Super Fan 09 Spotify

As a giant in the online music streaming industry, Spotify is always up to date with the most popular music artists. To determine which artist has the largest fanbase, we looked at each of their current monthly Spotify listeners.

Artists with the highest number of monthly Spotify listeners

1. The Weeknd – 110.5 million Monthly Spotify Listeners

Taking the crown as the artist with the highest number of monthly Spotify listeners is The Weeknd. If you have listened to the radio at any point within the last decade then it is likely that you are familiar with The Weeknd! Since ‘The Hills’ landed him his first number one back in 2015, the Weeknd has had hit after hit – evidenced by the 110.5 million monthly listeners he currently has on Spotify.


We used Songkick to compile a list of the most popular music artists in the world over recent years.

We used Seatgeek to find the average price of tour tickets for each artist on the secondary ticket market.

We used Spotify to find the current monthly listener total for each music artist.

We used Songkick to find the number of upcoming events for each artist.

Using each artist’s website, we found the price of their current least and most expensive piece of merchandise. To calculate the average price of merchandise for each artist, we  added the most and least expensive pieces of merchandise before dividing this total by two.

We used Meet and Greet Tickets to find the current price of a meet and greet ticket for each artist. For those who we couldn’t find data for on this website, we used relevant articles to find the information.

Using each of the factors (merchandise price, tour tickets, number of upcoming events, meet and greet price), we then normalised each factor out of 10 before taking an average of those scores to get our overall ‘superfan cost’ score.



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