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Over 40% of European Football Fans are More Interested in Transfer News and Rumors than in Match Results

Jastra Kranjec

European football clubs have spent tens of billions of euros on signing new players since transfer spending took off twenty years ago. The mega-money deals continued this season, with clubs from the Big Five leagues setting a new transfer spending record. And while most European football fans are waiting to see new players’ performances on the pitch, a considerable part of them are more interested in transfer news themselves.

According to data presented by CasinosEnLigne.com, 40% of European football fans are more interested in transfer news and rumors than match results.

UK Football Fans the Most Interested in Transfer Rumors, French the Least

While many people find the reports of transfer rumors or failed negotiations uninteresting, others love the transfer window as one of the most entertaining parts of the football industry. According to Statista’s European Football Benchmark, a huge part of football fans in the old continent are in this second group.

The survey conducted in July and August among fans in Europe’s top five football markets showed that UK fans are the most interested in transfer news and rumors. That shouldn’t surprise, considering that the Premier League has been the biggest transfer spender for years. According to the survey, 47% of football fans in the United Kingdom are more interested in transfer, almost matching the 53% of respondents who prefer to hear and read match reports.

The share of transfer enthusiasts is slightly lower in other major European football markets. Spain ranked second on this list, with 40% of football fans who prefer transfer news over match results. Germany and Italy follow, with 37% of respondents enjoying a healthy dose of transfer gossip. The Statista survey also showed French football fans were the least interested in transfers, with only 27% enjoying more transfer news than game reports.

World’s Top Football Leagues Spent Nearly €6B in Summer Transfer Window

The last few months were quite exciting for those who enjoy transfer news and rumors more than the game. The 2023 summer transfer window, which closed on September 1, proved to be every bit as crazy, with top football clubs spending obscene amounts of cash on signing new players.

According to TransferMarket data, the Premier League has again set a transfer spending record with €2.8bn spent in the summer transfer window. After signing a list of football stars from European clubs, the Saudi Pro League became the second largest spender in the football industry, with €956.8 million in total transfer spending. Ligue 1 stands in third place, with €907.1 million spent on signing new players this summer. Serie A, Bundesliga, and La Liga follow, with €857.3 million, €748 million, and €440.8 million, respectively.

Jastra Kranjec
Jastra Kranjec

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