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Chance of Prince Harry attending King Charles’ Coronation now ‘dwindling and very unlikely’ after Frogmore Cottage controversy

Liam Solomon

Latest odds via Casinos En Ligne have him 1/3 to stay away as list of what Prince will do next is revealed

Prince Harry’s attendance at his father’s Coronation is in doubt with odds of him making an appearance being slashed again off the back of being ‘requested to vacate’ the Frogmore Cottage, Harry and Meghan’s former royal residence in the UK, according to odds via Casinos En Ligne.

After publishing his latest memoir on life with Prince William and King Charles, Prince Harry’s relationship with the royals has been deeply affected.

This, in addition to other claims surfacing from his released memoir, has led oddsmakers to drastically cut the odds of the Prince attending the King’s Coronation in May from 4/7 to 1/3, with the chance of him attending now out to 2/1.

Following Harry and Meghan’s recent media push with their Netflix documentary, his interview with national television and his recently released memoir, odds have also been released on what the Royal will do next.

The chance of him moving back to the UK full-time is now out to 5/1 from 2/1 with Frogmore Cottage no longer an option. While appearing on Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO podcast is 4/1. Him and Meghan to have a reality TV show about their lives like the Kardashians is 14/1 and joining a big tech giant is just 2/1.

A spokesperson for betting experts Casinos En Ligne said: “Prince Harry is now even more likely to not make an appearance at his father’s Coronation – which would be a damaging blow to the Royal family.

“In the wake of Harry’s memoir controversy, Harry and Meghan’s right to live in Frogmore Cottage, given to them by the Queen herself as a wedding gift, has now been removed by King Charles.

“He and his father’s relationship appears to be hanging on by a thread with Harry distancing himself from the family and with this latest development, the chance of him attending the King’s ceremony in May is dwindling and now very unlikely at odds of 1/3, in from 4/7, with the chance of him attending at 2/1.

“Harry’s persistence to prove a point to the British public and media isn’t likely to stop here and there’s odds of 4/1 that he’ll next do an interview with Diary of a CEO’s Steven Bartlett. Another outlet could be appearing as an actor (not himself) in any cinema release, which is odds of 8/1, or further afield, as the next James Bond (250/1). As this family feud continues, showcasing his new life with Meghan and his children in an American-styled reality TV show like the Kardashians is also a possible next step at odds of 14/1.”

Odds via Casinos En Ligne

Will Prince Harry attend King Charles’ Coronation?       

Attend Coronation 2/1

NOT attend Coronation 1/3 (from 4/7)

What will Prince Harry do next?    

Get a paid position with Apple, Google, Facebook or Twitter 2/1

Appear on Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO Podcast 4/1

Move back to UK full-time 5/1

Return as an official full-time Royal 6/1

Appear as an actor (not himself) in any cinema release 8/1

Interview with Piers Morgan 10/1

Have reality TV show about life like Kardashians 14/1

Appear on Joe Rogan podcast 16/1

Appear on UK or US edition of Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars/SCD, I’m a Celeb 33/1

Next James Bond 250/1

Liam Solomon

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