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US Gamers to Spend an Average of $527 on Video Games this Year, 3x more than Chinese or European Gamers

Jastra Kranjec

While China might be the world`s gaming capital and home to one-third of all gamers worldwide, the average revenue per user in the Chinese market is not even close to that seen in the United States.

According to data presented by CasinosEnLigne.com, the average revenue per user in the US gaming market is expected to jump over $527 this year, or three times more than in China or Europe.

US Average Revenue per User Jumped 60% in Three Years

Over the past years, video game production costs have significantly risen, with $70 becoming the new normal for major video game releases. The cost of gaming PCs, consoles, and other equipment has also surged, with gamers now paying double the prices ten years ago.

But despite the rising costs, Americans continue spending more on video games than any other country. According to Statista data, three years ago, during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the average revenue per user in the US gaming market amounted to $333.10. Since then, the ARPU jumped almost 60% and hit $527.20 this year.

China and Europe, which both have significantly lower average revenue per user in their gaming markets, have seen a much smaller increase.

Statista expects Chinese gamers to spend an average of $143.80 on video games, or 26% more than three years ago. The average revenue per user in the European gaming market increased by 53% in this period, rising from $98.67 in 2020 to $151 in 2023.

Analyzed by segments, statistics show the US mobile games market has the highest average revenue per user of $443 in 2023. The online games segment will see an ARPU of $71.86 this year, and download games follow with $35.72.

United States to Generate One-Fifth of Global Gaming Revenues this Year

Although the United States is still far below China and Europe when looking at the total number of gamers, a considerable part of the global gaming revenues this year will come from the US market.

Statista expects more than 180 million gamers in the United States this year, down from 310 million in Europe and 760 million in China.

But, even with four times less gamers than the world`s largest gaming industry, the United States will still generate $92.2bn or almost one-fifth of global gaming revenues this year.

With around $110bn in revenue in 2023, China has a 28% market share in the global gaming industry. Statistics show $47.3bn or 12% of total gaming revenues this year will come from the European market.

Jastra Kranjec
Jastra Kranjec

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